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The best time-tracking tool for online health coaches

This time-tracking tool shows screenshots of wasted time too! Read on to learn more about this time-tracking tool: Time Doctor.

Demand for remote health and wellness coaches is at its peak now.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become more aware of their health.

Being healthy doesn’t only mean attending a gym anymore. People want to achieve a healthy lifestyle now.

For this massive increasing demand, the health and wellness industry is crazily exploding.

If you want to take absolute advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to jump right now to set up a perfect system for your business. So that you utilize your maximum time for serving your clients.

Setting up a system, finding the right time tracking tool is key for a time well spent in your business.

No more wasted hours with Timedoctor!

How I use Time Doctor as a health virtual assistant

Time Doctor is a great tool that is ideal for health coaches to use when working with a virtual assistant. It is more than just a time tracking tool:

  • A daily report of screenshots outlining what I’ve worked on

  • A list of websites visited and software used during work hours

  • Time spent using different applications

  • Time spent on breaks

  • Idle time

Time Doctor is the best time tracking and management solution tool out there because it assures you how much time is spent productively (as well as time spent procrastinating if you keep the time tracker running without working on any task.)

It helps remote workers, virtual assistants (like me), and online health coaches increase productivity and reduce distractions. It will also help you to monitor and analyze your team's performance. By using it, you can easily manage your employees.

Top 10 key features of Time Doctor