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Meet your healthful virtual assistant

Franchesca has virtually assisted thousands of health professionals with their social media management, digital marketing visuals, and online presence.

Sober living home business owners, behavioral health coaches, addiction treatment professionals, sober entrepreneurs, etc. have called upon me to work with them from the roots to the fruition of their vision.

When we work together, this is what I'll bring to the table:

  • Create a strategic social media plan to bring your vision/mission to life, boost your online presence, get qualified leads, increase your income, and foster your life/work balance.

  • Reclaim your time and energy by working on the tasks that aren’t in your zone of genii, such as content creation, graphic design, and social media marketing management.

  • Helping you achieve a sustainable business that generates clients and an eye-catching brand identity that showcases you as the go-to expert.

If you plan to work with me, you're supporting a woman who grew up in a family that strongly upholds sobriety since I was born.

You are helping an independent woman provide for herself and reach for her plans and goals.

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